We are professional luggage makers with more than 50 years experience in making luggage and serving travellers all over the world. We have a deep belief in continually making our products more durable, more functional, more user-friendly, and more beautiful. So many manufacturers ask the question, "how can we make it cheaper?". We ask the question, "how can we make it better?". 

The first part of our name, "ECHO", has very much do to with listening and receiving signals from our users and the world around us. That was the intention of our founders, and is what we still do to this day. 

Further, we truly do value each and every one of our users and their experience with our products during their travels. You will be hard pressed to find a manufacturer that truly does care more than we do. 

Wherever you are headed, you should know that we have done our best to make your travel gear something that will enhance your experience. We can almost promise you that Echolac will make it better.  Echolac - Serenity to go.