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Our greatest endeavour is to meet and exceed any expectations that you may have in your luggage while surprising you and ourselves through the joy and beauty of innovation.

Our mission is to push the limits of available materials, of what we can do through craftsmanship and machinery, and not least to push the limits of our creative minds. It is to learn and apply this knowledge as a result of truly listening to our product users, our dealer partners and to the best version of ourselves. To respect the world around us, to study it carefully and the evolution of travel within it.

All in pursuit of our vision of creating and making the ultimate luggage designed to assist you and us wherever we may be headed, that we should be able to travel with greater ease, with greater comfort and with more security while surrounded by beauty.

For us, ECHOLAC means in essence to listen, and then to respond in form and in function through our creative expertise and hard work.

Wherever you are headed, you should know that we have done our best to make your travel gear something that will enhance your experience. We can almost promise you that ECHOLAC will make it better.    

Safe travels into the future,

Elton Zheng
President, ECHOLAC International


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