Echolac is still today after more than 50 years uniquely designed, engineered, developed, manufactured, and delivered by luggage professionals to meet the requirements of professional use.   Echolac products are a perfect fit for individuals and organizations who are quality and design driven, who are ready to evolve from the status quo, and who strive for a better alternative.


East meets West is a concept that we usually talk about as being at the core of who we are. We truly believe in the positive power that is unleashed when people from differing origins meet and learn from one another.  In harmony with this, Echolac is truly an international brand with representation in more than 80 countries around the globe.  The head office is located in the heart of Shanghai since 2009. European headquarters are located in Denmark and Italy. The design and development teams are based in Milano, Shanghai, and Gothenburg.


When you think of Echolac we want you to think of serenity. Peace of mind. Calm. Bliss. Harmony. This is what so many of us seek in our travels, so why not start with your bag or luggage? 

We design and develop our products to work for you every time you use them as effortlessly as possible. To us, everything does matter. We select our materials, textiles, components, and colors not only because they may work great and look great, but they also need to make us, and you, feel great. That is the magic of Serenity to go.


Our greatest endeavor is to meet and exceed any expectations that you may have in your luggage while surprising you and ourselves through the joy and beauty of innovation. 

Wherever you are headed, you should know that we have done our best to make your travel gear something that will enhance your experience. We can almost promise you that Echolac will make it better. 

Safe travels into the future,

Elton Zheng
President, Echolac International