To balance luxury and elegance, and excellence in quality and function in perfect harmony, and in one precision high performance package is what we set out to accomplish when we created DYNASTY™. Something beautiful to look at and use, but discreetly super-strong and durable. We wanted to create a product that clearly would connect with our cultural values deeply rooted in sustainability by making a product that truly would stand the test of time and hold up through its enduring design and superb quality to be passed forward from generation to generation.

One key feature on DYNASTY that highlights our way of thinking and design principles is the strikingly beautiful vertical bar that is integrated into the shell of the case. This bar is actually a precision extruded and formed I-beam in anodised aluminium that serves the dual purpose as a key visual element in the design of the case that also significantly adds to the structural integrity and strength of the case. This component, like every key component on ECHOLAC luggage, is actually mechanically fixed, removable, and replaceable – a further expression of our belief in sustainability and a deeper beauty.

Beauty and honest, authentic function. Fused together in harmony for the sole purpose of making a more beautiful, better case. This is just one example of how we at ECHOLAC work to make something that is better at every level.

Powered by the experience that we’ve gained through the literally thousands of people focusing on luggage for close to 60 years here at ECHOLAC, we’ve done our best to channel all of that into the all-new DYNASTY. Elegance. Luxury. Quality. Utility. Simply beautiful.